My time spent in the Biophilia residency was a new awakening. The people, the exchange of ideas and the time spent one on one with scientists passionate about what they do was inspiring in ways that will continue to benefit my art and creative life. Unlike any other residency I have encountered, this was an informative journey into worlds I would otherwise never have known about.

-Christine Moss

"It's like an awesome science summer camp for artists."

- John Daemond


"Ayatana Artists' Research Program was fantastic, I learned an incredible amount about water and our connection with it. I really enjoyed the small group and the locations we explored."

- Muffin Bernstein


"The most amazing part was the spectacular group of artists that the Biophilia residency pulled together. Everyone was interested, driven, and offered a different and informed perspective on things. I have never spent time with a better group of people."

- John Deamond



It was great to be able to research topics I had a natural interest for in a new location. Alexis worked hard to provide a varied array of experiences and cover a wide range of topics. It was invigorating to be able to go on adventures with people with the same level curiosity for the natural world.

- Anika Schneider



Biophilia (May 2015) was a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with exceptional artists while tackling a series of engaging daily adventures in the Gatineau Hills. The balance of outdoor exploration, onsite expert tutorials and research facility visits provides lasting inspiration for future artwork.  A geekfest with great food! Thanks, Alexis and Stephanie. " 

- Carol Howard Donati

"At the Biophilia residency I felt like I had dropped in on a group of old friends. The residents selected were like-minded in our love of nature and art, but we were all specialized in our interests, which made for a dynamic group. I left the week full of new information and a real psychic charge to be creative."

- Bill Scully



"This residency was an important point in my life because it helped me find my artistic way. I will start an Environmental Transdisciplinary PhD Study, “Between Nature and Culture''

Biophilia (especially the visit to Andrew Pelling’s lab) caused an increase of my ambitions:)  I believe if this residency in Canada was possible maybe everything is possible:) Currently my biggest aim and dream is to do a residency with SymbioticA at The University of Western Australia."

- Karolina Żyniewicz


La résidence Ayatana- Biophilia est un rêve qui prend vie! Artistes et amoureux de la nature se retrouvent ensembles et vivent des aventures excitantes et inoubliables. En plus de de créer des liens avec d’autres artistes qui partagent les même fascinations, mon séjour en Nouvelle-Écosse a fait naitre des nouvelles idées qui influencent positivement ma pratique artistique.

- Marjorie Lemay