Artist Carol works in the Pelling Lab of Biophyusicle Manipulation

Artist Marie Jean Musiol demonstrates her use of EKG

Ayatana resident Linelle Stepto records at a Physics of Sound workshop

Artist Laura Grossett in a sterile tek demonstration






























Two weeks in December, 2020

Deadline to apply: September 15, 2020

Rubatosis is the uneasy feeling that comes from the awareness of your own heartbeat.

Rubatosis is an online residency for artists to learn about human biology. It will take place over two weeks a in December of 2020. The virtual residency will involve daily live video lectures with international biological researchers on a range of human body related topics and many short one on one meetings with artists working with human biology around the world. Build in to the 2 or 3 hours of daily programming are discussions, recommended assignments and show and tell. The program is designed to give insight into anatomical knowledge from a wide range of perspectives and encourage exploration of the layers of the human body.

Ayatana residencies focus on experience and research by visual and conceptual artists. Writers, poets, musicians and dancers are also invited to apply. This residency will host six or seven selected international artists. No previous experience in biology is necessary but a portfolio showing your creative practice is required to apply.


All activities are subject to change depending on expert availability and other uncontrollable variables.

Artist talk: We invite you to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.

History of Anatomy:
Talk on the history of anatomical sciences with the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy Ottawa, University.

What happens when you die: Chat with an autopsie technitian.

Architecture of the tongue:
Learn about speech analysis and how humans make sounds with the Sound Patterns Lab, Ottawa University.

Human Microbiome: Learn about the microbial communities unique to each of our bodies.

Sensory Expiriences: Humans have far more than the favored 5 senses.

Sleep: Chat with researchers at the Sleep Research Lab at the Royal Ottawa hospital.

Hypnotherapy demonstration and talk on history of hypnosis in medicine.

Bones: How does our skeleton work?

Heart and Blood: Find out how our circulatory system works


$500 USD
Residency places are limited to 7 artists. Official invites will be given to accepted applicants to help find grants and funding.


How to apply 
Send the following material to ArtLovesScience@gmail.com
1. Artist CV
2. Artist statement (about 200 words)
4. Portfolio 5 – 10 examples of your work

Only applications that follow these guidelines will be considered.



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