Artist Christina La Sala looking through a compound microscope

Ayatana resident drawing with a camera Lucida microscope attachment

Artist Micky Dickson magnifies bacteia with a colony counter

Soldier fly eye through Scanning Electron Microscope

Microbial evolution at the Krassen lab, Ottawa U

Basalt through a petrographic microscope

Squid eggs through a dissecting scope










Microbiology for artists

Two weeks in October, 2021
Deadline to apply: May 30

Macro, micro, nano, quantum.

Infinitesimal is a research residency that aims to expand our scope of vision by helping artists explore biology under the microscope.

Infinitesimal 2021 is an online course for artists to learn about biocrobiology. The program will offer daily video chats with research biologists from distinguished laboratories around the world.  It will take place over 2 weeks on Zoom.

Ayatana residencies are designed to enrich the practice of visual and conceptual artists. Writers, poets, musicians and dancers could also benefit from the Infinitesimal program. This residency will host only six or seven selected international artists. We are looking for adventurous artists who love to learn.

All activities are subject to change depending on ecological conditions, expert availability and other uncontrollable variables. Outings will go ahead rain or shine.

Artist talk: We invite you to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.

Demonstration on molecular physics with a physisist from Ottawa University.

Learn about microplastics with the Water and Ice Laboritory.

What is DNA any way?

History of bacteria and antibiotics.

Ancient viruses.

Protists: Slime mold, amaeba, diatoms and radiolaria.

Learn about the accidental microbiomes of natural history museum collections.

Sequencing the human microbiome.

Single celled photosynthesizing organisms.

Zoom Microscopy Party! Digital microscope included.

Talk about quantum physics with astrophysisists from the Royal Astronomical Society.

Talk on microbiology in contemporary art and artist resources and opportunities related to the topic.


$550 USD
Residency places are limited to 7 artists. Official invitations will be given to accepted applicants to help find grants and funding.

A digital microscope is included in the cost and will be delivered to you for use in the microscopy party.


How to apply 
Send the following material to ArtLovesScience@gmail.com
1. Artist CV
2. Artist statement (about 200 words)
4. Portfolio 5 – 10 examples of your work

Only applications that follow these guidelines will be considered.

Friend us on face book for future calls for applications and posts about art and science fb

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