Wednesdays in March, 2022 6 - 7:30 pm EST

Join us for an evening of science, nature and art every Wednesday this March. Topics: Birds, Plants, Mushrooms and Death Rituals. Each will be a 1.5 - 2 hour talk in three parts:

1. Science illustrated by art

2. Art illustrated by science (or ritual art in the last one)

3. Opportunities & resources for creative nerds

Each Biophilium Wild Wednesday Webinar begins with a crash course in the night's topic featuring a cascade of natural history stories presented by our director Alexis Williams. Books will be recommended. Contemporary bio-artists will be discussed. The evenings will culminate in a run down of opportunities and resources for artists interested in further studying the topic like artist residencies, clubs and catalogues of science supplies.

Click on the links for more info and to register. No application necessary. Talks are $50 each or $150 for the entire series. Subsidized tickets are available to any one who needs support. You will be invited to participate in a Wild Wednesday Webinar for free if you have done a full length residency on that topic with Ayatana or the Biophilium in person or online. These evening talks are tailored for creative people but are open to everyone.


Click on images to purchase tickets for singular events or you can purchase season tickets here


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