Mycology is the study of mushrooms
Mycophilia is the love of them

Sept 2019
Application deadline: March 30

Mycophilia is a residency for artists interested in mushrooms and fungus to study them in the laboratory and the field. It will take place over a week in Gatineau, on the border between Quebec and Ontario, Canada in the fall of 2019. The residency will involve daily excursions into forests, biology laboritories, collections, studios and farms for the collection of materials and exploration of the local mycology.

Ayatana residencies are designed to facilitate first hand experiences that will enrich visual and conceptual artists' practice within a group of like minded creative people. Artists, writers, musicians, film makers and dancers are invited to apply. The jury will select five or six artists based on their portfolios rather than how they fit into any description of an artist.

All activities are subject to change depending on expert availability and other uncontrollable variables.


You are invited to give an artist talk to introduce your practice to the group (talks)

Wild mushrooms of the Gatineau Forest (foray)

Photograph spores with Scanning Electron Microscope and dissecting microscope (lab visits)

Lichen of the Beechwood Cemetery (foray)

Foraging fungi for food and color (foray)

Mycology in contemporary art (lecture)

Spore printing (workshop)

DIY mushroom cultivation - Grow your own glow-in-the-dark mushrooms (workshop)

Fungal tree relationships. Parasites and Mychoryza (guided hike)

Ottawa Mycological Circle collection and identification (foray and study group)

Fungal DNA sequencing with the Museum of Nature (lab visit)

Biosonification of live mushroom cultures in the lab and the field

Visit to the Canadian National Mycological Herbarium

Visit a mushroom Farm

$1250 USD
Residency places are limited to 6 artists. Official invitations will be given to accepted applicants to help them in their search for grants and funding

What is included:
All activities.
Transportation to all activities.
Supplies, equipment and technical gear.
A comfortable bed in the Ayatana residency house.
Most meals will be provided, cooked by our resident chef. *Residents will be responsible for paying for their own meals from restaurants, which will happen 2 or 3 times during the week

How to apply 
Send the following material to
1. Artist CV
2. Artist statement (about 200 words)
4. Portfolio 5 – 10 images

Only applications that follow these guidelines will be considered.

Disclaimer: Those who do not like the outdoors or to talk about art, need not apply.


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For more images of past Biophilia adventures see our face book albums

Chaos Fungorum 2019, Toronto, Ontario

Aug 2017, Chelsea, Quebec

Sept 2016
, Chelsea, Quebec

Sept 2015, Chelsea, Quebec

Sept 2014 Wakefield, Quebec