Mycology is the study of mushrooms.
Mycophilia is the love of them.
Myco Art is grown in the studio.

5 classes every Wednesday starting Sept 13th 2022

Myco Art is an online course that teaches about mushrooms and fungi. The program will be taught by Biophilium director and myco artist Alexis Williams. This is a short, in depth intro to mycology creatively illustrated by international myco artists. Participants will learn about mushroom biology, ecology and conceptual art made in collaboration with fungi. The program will be deeply informed by science but will stray from traditional scientific methods of interpreting and categorizing living organisms.

Biophilium programs are designed to enrich visual and conceptual artists' practice, but this course is open to any smart creative person with or with out an established artistic practice.


Day 1

Mycophilia 101:
What is a mushroom? How do they grow, navigate, eat and reproduce?

Day 2

Symbiosis: Fungi-Plant partnerships: Lichens, Ghost Plants and the Wood Wide Web.

Day 3
Symbiosis: Fungi-Animal partnerships: Zombies, Bats and Fungal Farming Insects

Day 4
Mushroom Hunting: Foraging for Food, Medicine and Color

Day 5
Myco Art:
Live Fungi in Art. Opportunities and Resources

$200 USD

Enroll by paying the fee and you will recieve an email with info about preparing for class.