The Dandelion was introduces to NA as a loved food and medicine plant and is now an abandoned and hated 'weed'.

Ashe borer
The Ashe Borer Beetles were introduced to N America accidentally in wooden shipping pallets.

English Plantain is called White Man's Foot Print because it grew where ever European colonizers went

Spongy moth
The Spongy moth escaped from an attempted silk industry and has been part of the N American ecosystem for 150 years.


The Starling was introduced as a poetic homage to Shakespeare. They were one of the many birds mentioned in his plays released in Central Park 1890



8 classes online
Mondays at 12 EST beginning the 27th of March, 2023
Deadline to enroll: March 22

Dysbiosis is an 8 class Webinar for artists interested in learning about introduced wildlife and how they fit into ecology, despite weather they are considered invasive, feral or naturalized. We will look at species that are often thought of as pests, vermin or weeds from a range of perspectives and discus how the language we use to talk about wildlife affects our culture and the environment. The program will offer daily video lectures and chats with nine research biologists and conservationists about their studies. They will offer descriptions of novel ecologies and of natural succession. The biology lectures will be set within the framework of an eco art context.

Biophilium residencies are designed to facilitate research that will enrich visual and conceptual artists' practice within a group of like minded creative people. Artists, writers, musicians, film makers and dancers are invited to apply. The jury will select seven or eight international artists based on their portfolio rather than how they fit into any description of an artist.

This program is a lecture series offered in partnership with Eco Art Space and will be structured differently from previous Biophilium online residencies. Each class will be 1 - 1.5 hours long. The course is half the price of our usual residencies and will have twice as many artists participating.

All activities are subject to change depending on expert availability and other uncontrollable variables. Schedule will be tailored to participants' interests.

Symbiosis: An introduction to ecological systems with Biophilium director Alexis Williams

Cormorants: Misinterpretation of the return of native species with bio-artist Cole Swanson

Biogeography and Migrations: How populations move

Novel Ecologies: Embracing invasives in the symbioscene with the University of Munich

Ecological Succession: Natural transformations with the University of Colorado, Boulder

Kudzu: Terra forming and taking control

Cooking with Invasives: with Master Naturalist Liz Guertin

Climate Refugees: The new natives

Bio Control: Curating the wild

White Nose Syndrome: What it's like to be a bat in the 21st century with BatCon

Escaped Cultivars: Phragmites, Wild Parsnip, Spongy Moths and other feral beings

Ashe Borers and Collateral Damage of Capitalism

The Poetic Introduction of the Starling

Eco Nostalgia: Lilac, Nettles and Ancestral Plant Partners

Participants will be asked to suggest topics or species relevant to their practice

$300 USD +13% tax, +$13 Paypal fee = $359.69

Enroll here.