Ayatana residencies include accomodation in the residency house, which is in a different place each year.


We will be offering a few private rooms for residents to stay on after their expeditions as self guided residency extensions with accommodation and use of the residency house and equipment for $50/night $300/week or $500/2 weeks. Self guided residents will be responsible for their own meals and transportation.


The Tree Tops

Chelsea, Quebec (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The Tree Tops is a house on the edge of Gatineau Park. The main common room is a big space full of comfy couches overlooked by a second common space that houses the Ayatana Moth Observatory. Hammocks hang in the rocky woods that suround the house. Fireflies, squirels and raccoons regularly visit the deck and lawn. The list of birds who frequent the feeders is too long to share here but the many species of woodpeckers are the most persistant. There are 4 bedrooms with one, two or three beds to share between visiting artists.



The Jasmin House
Chelsea, Quebec (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The Jasmin house sits atop a hill over looking the sailing school on the Gatineau River. We have river access from a private dock, hammocks, BBQ pit, wifi, lots of nooks and cranies to
work/play/hide in. There are lots of beds inside the house and two in an out building separated by lawn and flowerbed. Meals are eaten together in the
dinning room or out on the deck. Dinner is time to discus our adventures and eat thoughtfully prepared home cooked meals. The garden is frequently visited by
deer, owls, ground hogs, coyote, skunk, silk moths and a fox.



The Chrisalis
Chelsea, Quebec (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The Chrisalis is a beautiful octagonal house on the Gatineau River with domed top floor housing the Ayatana Moth Observatory. It's closest neighbour is the Chrisalis II, a 50 tonn paddle steamer with the style and grace of a misisipi river boat.

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The Larimac House, Chelsea, Quebec
The Larimac House stepped out onto the Larimac Golf Course, who invited us to play in their snow and to gaze at their skies with the astronomical society's telescopes.

Landmark East School boy’s dormitories, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Landmark East School leant us their dormitories while the children were home for the summer holidays. We were neighbors to the Atlantic, it's long mud flats and fossil beds and to Acadia University and it's botanical gardens and research greenhouses.

Birch & Pine Ranch, La Pech, Quebec
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Landmark East School girls dormitories, Wolfville, Nova Scotia