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Next Club Meetings:

May 2nd noon EST
Share your strategies for caring for yourself. Perhaps you have a great routine, mantra, diet, stim, ritual, indulgence or medication. Do you have a way to follow the dopamine? How do you stay positive?

June 6th noon EST
Tell us how your conditions effect your memory or  focus and how you work with it. How do you stay on track?

July 1st noon EST
Introduce us to your personas and talk about fitting in or not fitting into a neurotypical world.

August 1st noon EST
Let's talk about what happens when we push too hard, how to recover and how to rest.

Sept 5th noon EST
How do you build the perfect day? The perfect life?

Oct 3rd noon EST
We will talk about fixations, time management, gamification, flexibility and daily practices.

Nov 7th noon EST
How to manage unfinished projects. How to let go of your old self and embrace and nurture the new you.

Dec 5th noon EST
Let's talk about getting medical help. How to recognize symptoms, get diagnosed and consider treatment.


Please let us know if you can think of other topics we could explore, and/or if you would like to introduce the group to any of these topics in a 5 - 10 minute talk.



Brain Club at the Biophilium

Casual conversations about mental health and adapting to changes in brain function.

The Biophilium hosts a free monthly Brain Cafe for Artists the first Thursday of every month in 2024.

Everyone is invited, you don't need a previous affiliation with the Biophilium, a personal invitation or a diagnosis to attend. No need to apply or prepare, just turn up.

Artists, musicians, dancers, poets and inter-disiplinary thinkers and feelers will be leading the gathering but you don't have to fit into any specific definition of an artist to participate.

Each club meeting gives participants a chance to introduce themselves and their practice. Each will feature a short introduction to a topic by an artist, followed by an informal, unstructured, neurodivergent positive conversation where everyone in the small group is invited to contribute as much as they want.

At Brain Club we will share strategies for coping and thriving with mental health struggles, particularly changes in brain function and concentration caused by, but not limited to: ADHD, ASD, long Covid, menopause, concussion and stroke. Monthly topics will include brain fog & memory loss, executive function, fixation & obsession, masking & social identities, stimming, medical treatment and grief. Participants will be invited to suggest topics to further discus.

Brain Club is hosted by the director of the Biophilium, an artists, not a medical professional. Meetings may be therapeutic but are not lead by a trained mental health councilor. Brain Club is an online space for creative people to share their experiences and offer support and advice to other creative people. This might be a good place to connect with other creative people interested in neurology or mental health and to practice publicly identifying as an artist who either makes work about these topics or make art from a neurodivergent point of view..

Join the club to receive a monthly invitation and a link to the meeting.