The Ayatana Artists' Research Program is a Canadian, artist run, residency that offers unique opportunities for artists to indulge in research in various topics.


Israeli artist Thea Fridman looks through a petrographic microscope
  Week long, action packed, thematic artist residencies.  

Alberta Artist Andrew Godsalve peeks over the edge of Cape Split, NS


At Ayatana we believe that part of the artist’s job is to see the world from extraordinary points of view. Our initiative is to help artists achieve those points of view by facilitating research opportunities in unusual places.

Artist Heather Komus at the Ottawa Communty Beekeepers' hives
US Artist Elena Thomas free falls from an airplane with instructor David Williamson

Ayatana research residencies are designed to inspire, inform and encourage conceptual artists. In small groups of likeminded international artists, residents are invited to focus their minds as they are led on an immersive series of field trips through field, farm and laboratory.

Local artist Carol Howard Donati
at the Andrew Pelling Lab for Biophisycal Manipulation


 Residents collect material, meet experts, peek behind the scenes and ask questions about the nature of the world.

Ayatana’s goal is to support the conceptual development of contemporary art and to bridge gaps between scientists, artists and thinkers of all kinds.


Montreal artist Marjorie Lemay films a pair of eagles through binoculars with super 8

Residents admire silk moths with Jim des Riviers

Ayatana residencies are exciting retreats into learning where adventure and enthusiasm are currency.

NYC Artist Adrian E. Rivera takes a scan of T-rex for 3D printing
Columbia emerges in the Ayatana Moth and Butterfly Observatory


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